Saturday, February 5, 2011

Donation Organizing

Fara, Debbi and I organized the past donation paperwork. We now have groups of "small businesses", "journey family owned businesses", "corporate donors" , "teacher donations" etc. These should be followed up on with phone calls. We ought to thank them for past donations and then ask if they are willing to donate again.
Let me know if you want to take one of the piles/file folders. We have subdivided the small businesses into Clemente/SJC, Laguna Niguel, etc.
I have started making a spreadsheet so we can see what items brought in better returns and where to focus our efforts.

Fara and I were also thinking that having signs to hold up at drop off would help solicit donations. We would do well to have a "Save the Date, Auction May 7th" sign for now and then hold up "donations needed" signs all through March.

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  1. I am currently making sign up sheets for volunteers, emailing Angela the list of grocery stores the committee members can choose from to ask for donations and meeting Irons on Monday to finish the contract paperwork...keeping you all informed:)